Tables Manager - Drag and Drop

Use a table manager to make them look like Excel in your website. Themes are included to help you create an amazing table with table copy, table category, some calculation functions and auto generated charts are part of the tool. When you're done with the online edition you can also export and import data with a dedicated tool.

Main advantages

  • Manage tables like in a spreadsheet
  • 6 themes included
  • Fully managed from any editor
  • Automatic saving
  • Sortable data on frontend
  • Cell, line, column style editor
  • Resize line and column with drag'n drop
  • Copy cell with drag'n drop
  • Copy the full table in one click
  • HTML cells format
  • Advanced CSS code editor

Default theme



Video: how to manage tables


Free with services

We can help authors manage templates with theme parameters and configurations. These are all part of our tech support service to customers that are interested in our managed monthly service accounts only.
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