Advanced Tooltip Features

You can create these tooltips almost anywhere in your site. Not only in articles, but anywhere you can enter text. Display text or an image to your visitors when they hover their mouse pointer over an item, without clicking it, by using Tooltips. When a user moves their pointer to text, or an image, for which you have defined a tooltip, a small "hover box" appears. This box can contain text or an image. Optionally the text can contain html formatting including URLs.

Simple tooltips

Text only
Hover over me!
Title and text
Tooltip text

Advanced tooltip features

Images in tooltips

Positioning of the tooltip
Left; Right Top Bottom
Click behavior

Tooltips do not usually appear on mobile operating systems, because there is no cursor (though tooltips may be displayed when using a mouse). However, we have an advanced feature version which allows tooltips to be clickable.

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