Add MP3 Audio Playlist

Adding MP3 audio to your articles can be done with playlist or a single file. We provide a free plugin with your account to easily add your MP3 into a designated folder of your choice, then adding simple code to display the content in the folder.

Example for adding MP3 audio to your articles.

Your main audio folder followed by the name of folder with mp3 files are store.


{music}folderName/subfolder{/music }
  • It will create a table of every MP3 in a specified folder.
  • It displays the ID3 information of each track with a link to download or play the file in the browser.
Download Name Play Size Duration
download Never Know
Jack Johnson

10.1 MB 4:24 min
download Taylor
Jack Johnson

9.4 MB 4:07 min
download Dreams Be Dreams
Jack Johnson

4.8 MB 2:05 min
download Banana Pancakes
Jack Johnson

7.1 MB 3:05 min
download Do You Remember
Jack Johnson

9 MB 3:55 min
download Flake
Jack Johnson

10.7 MB 4:40 min

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