Article Video Gallery

An unique custom design to feature articles with embedded videos from any source online. Each article will display a choice to view the video in a popup and a link to read the article. It is optional to include the embedded video when an article does not offer a source for streaming.

See it in action on one of our custom templates

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You can assign this module to any page, category or a specific article with the data you need to feature.

Additional options

  • Sort order - descending/ascending
  • Show article date created after
  • Text type - introtext/full text
  • Base image size

Video gallery settings

  • Video popup - yes/no
  • Popup width
  • Popup height
  • Amount of pages to show
  • Articles per page
  • Title limit type - words/characters
  • Text length

Article layout options

  • Amount of pages with arts, columns and rows
  • Open links in same window or new window
  • Format header position, link, title word/character limit
  • Image position with optional popup
  • Text position, limit word/character, and other advanced article layouts

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