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Newsletters are easy to personalize with flexible content and structure. Thanks to the AcyMailing editor, replace pictures (insert your own banners, images and icons), change styles (titles, font, and text-colors) and delete areas as you want. We offer this free install for clients with Web hosting packages.


  • Our templates are tested with the main e-mail clients and ready to be used in AcyMailing.
    (Outlook, Gmail, Thunderbird, Hotmail, AppleMail, Yahoo)

A responsive design is the key to display properly your newsletter on every device: laptops, tablets and smartphones. Structure and content will adapt to your screen.

Our list of template designs

Important note

We offer this software as an service to our clients without any technical support. You can find a great community on AcyMailing that are willing to help.

Free with services

We can help authors manage templates with theme parameters and configurations. These are all part of our tech support service to customers that are interested in our managed monthly service accounts only. Sign up here!

We use public domain, open source content, and free software licenses in our Web articles. You are free to view, share and download.

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