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A favorite Pinterest style template with powerful custom images and videos will show off this masonary design. The videos can be played using multiple areas including the front page. The design features a browsing option that is unique to this template only. The video layout can include text areas linking to more content.

You can easily browse through the entire collection by groups and share with social media in the same window as your popup video windows. Features are off or on depending on a particular need.

  • The linked images can lead to several different types of content.
  • You can easily provide video and text for all our templates. The layout is set so you can easily add your content, even for the novice with no tech experience
  • We have modified the base functionality to include all relevant information for easy content creation, as well as custom pages that let you spend the managing and organizing items.

The template includes a second layout when you are ready for a change. We use this format for our free downloads in the children's animation Web site. See it here: Demo Template #12

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