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Title product Adin S8BT 26W (100162)
Portable speakers
Brand: Xiaomi
Color: Blue, Black
Height, cm: 36
Width, cm: 14
Weight, g: 1789
Price product USD 1300.00
Calculated Price 1
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Processor phone
Screen diagonal phone
Screen refresh rate phone
Display resolution phone
Battery capacity phone
Built-in memory phone
RAM phone
Communications phone
Main camera phone
Number of main cameras phone
Features of the main camera phone
Front camera phone
Number of front cameras phone
Features of the front camera phone
Security phone
Type Headphone
Connection type headphones
Connection interface headphones
Features headphones
Microphone headphones
Cord length, m headphones
Number of lanes portable speakers 3
Inputs portable speakers AUX, Microphone input
Output portable speakers Digital coaxial output, RCA, XLR
Wireless capabilities portable speakers Bluetooth, DLNA, IR port
Battery life, hours portable speakers 15 or more
Features portable speakers Hi-Fi components, Stereo, Wireless charging, With a mixer remote control, Multiple Bluetooth connections
Equipment portable speakers Built-in DAC, With a media player, Touch control
Power, W portable speakers 301 - 500
Technology Powerbank
Input interfaces Powerbank
Output interfaces Powerbank
Output current strength, A Powerbank
Output voltage, V Powerbank
Adapters included Powerbank
Simultaneously charging devices Powerbank
Charging type Powerbank
Battery capacity mA*h Powerbank
Form factor case
Material case
Connector type cables
Length cables
View cables
Features cables
Type of connector cables
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Description product

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