A great design for personal and business sites. The front page sections present images and text content in slideshows and layouts to attract visitors. View our demo showing the variety of options using free and open source content to share and download.

Features & Options

E-commerce Solution

Create awesome responsive websites with 100+ module positions that have a collapsible 6 column layout, 100+ module variations, 20+ navigation styles, 30+ Bootstrap typography elements, customizable error and offline pages and many other amazing features.

Note: Templates #1-62 are ARCHIVED to show our complete portfolio only. We can provide updated versions to match your company content.


  • The linked images can lead to several different types of content.
  • You can easily provide video and text for all our templates. The layout is set for you to easily add your content, even for the novice with no tech experience.
  • We have modified the base functionality to include all relevant information for easy content creation, as well as custom pages that let you spend the managing and organizing items.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution; however, some solutions work better than others. HIRE Tech-Tyrone to build and manage your content.

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  • Comments
  • Voting
  • Add or remove front page areas
  • Include a right or left column to include more content
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